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Executive summary

In 2017,Touch a Heart Social and Economic Rights Initiative (TAHSERI) in promoting her aims and objectives carried out activities in the areas of empowerment, education, health, environment and humanitarian services that impacted the lives ofthe people within its communities of operation.  This was achieved through provision of educational scholastic support, psychosocial support, skill acquisition, economic empowerment (Voluntary Community Savings and Loans Association-VCSLA formation), health promotion, and creating awareness on civil and civic rights/responsibilities. Others includemicro enterprise fundamentals training for the VSLA groups in Kaduna State, gender integration and mainstreaming, healthy lifestyle promotion, rallies and community outreaches on Water sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), seminars and trainings.

This report reviews the activities carried out for the year 2017. These activities were done in accordance to the goals, mission and vision of TAHSERI. The year under review, had coordination, partnership, quality service provision, capacity building, advocacy and monitoring and evaluation as part of its achievements. These activities were not without challenges nevertheless, recommendations were outlined.

In addition, Personnel capacity was built through various in-house and out sourced trainings.  Personal Know-how skill which has been honed over the years was an addition in the implementation of these activities.

This report shows a summary of all the activities carried out by the TAHSERI team from January – December 2017. A total of N8,000,000.00 was expended in the year under review.


Grace P. Dafiel Esq

Executive Director

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