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Thematic Areas of Intervention


  • HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support and control
  • Immunization promotion
  • Malaria and TB prevention, control, care and support
  • Nutrition
  • Adolescent health and rights promotion
  • Life building skills
  • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence prevention, care and support

Education and Empowerment

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Civic Education
  • Human rights promotion
  • Positive cultural rights and values promotion
  • Better parenting skills promotion and integration
  • Household Economic Strengthening through VSLA and IGAs
  • Trainings on Micro Enterprise Fundamentals
  • Trainings on financial literacy
  • Mentoring and linkages to financial institutions



  • Legal and social protection
    • Psychosocial Support
    • Shelter and Care
    • Case management and referrals


  • Promotion of WASH
  • Promoting tree planting for fighting desertification and beautifying the environment
  • Promotion of proper waste disposal and management for recycling energy.



  • Managing livelihood support in humanitarian situation
  • Mobilization of clothing and materials for IDPs
  • Education for children in crisis
  • Promotion of ending violence against children and women in humanitarian situations
  • Peace building and conflict management