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Present/Past programs/Activities includes:

  1. Supporting refugees and returnees in the Transit Camp at Wurupatoji with deradicalization campaigns and strengthening approaches to prevent violent extremism of campees
  1. Conducted Sensitization campaigns on effects of hate speech in Arhankunu & Dazzala communities,
  2. Carried out Community dialogue on peace building & conflict resolution for social inclusion in Barama Community
  3. Promoted Civic Education in Bahuli & wuropatoji Communities
  4. Established peace clubs and initiatives in 3 schools/communities each  in Adamawa and Kaduna states.
  1. Hygiene promotion among street children aged 12-15 years in Wuropatoji and Tudun wada of Mubi south
  1. WASH promotion and campaigns like awareness creation on world toilet day 19 Nov. 2018 by distributing in-house made izal and health education.
  1. TAHSERI through her HQ commemorates dates that promote children’s rights like June 12 being day to end all forms of child labour, June 16 being the day of the African child, 19 Nov. Ending child abuse etc using campaigns and sensitisation meetings in schools and communities of operations
  2. Household Economic Vulnerablity Assessment in Arhankunu, Gima and Tudun wada February-March, 2018.
  3. Promotion of education for children in crisis in Taraba, Adamawa and Bauchi states
  4. Conducted assessment for the establishment of Early Childhood Care Development (ECCD) centres in Adamawa, Taraba, Bauchi, Plateau and Kaduna states
  5. ICT training for 150 youths including adolescent girls in Kaduna State.
  6. Promoting the need to end violence against children in Kaduna, Plateau, Adamawa and Taraba states
  7. Establishment of VSLA groups in states of operations.
  8. Promoting ECCD integration in HIV response in Gombi and Mubi South/North LGAs of Adamawa state.
  9. Trainings on the prevention of SGBV in Hilde, Arhankunu, Bahuli, and Futuless in Mubi North/south, Hong and Michika LGA.
  10. Trainings of PSS, MEF and Homestead Farming for IYCF support groups in the 4 LGAs of each state of operations
  11. Free malaria testing
  12. Distribution of anti-malaria drugs in Quaan-Pan LGA and its environs.
  13. Entrepreneur Skills and Financial Management.
  14. Leadership Development Training in partnership with Vitec Systems Ltd.
  15. In collaboration with New Hope Agency carried out HTS and TB screening in Lardang, Kwa and Koffiar communities of Quaan-Pan LGA and Jos North LGA.
  16. Payment of medical bills for ‘baby Dogara’ in Kaduna state.
  17. Provision of clothing to widows and orphans in Chikun and Kaduna south.
  18. Conduct of research on Early Childhood Development: its impact of adolescent/teenage mothers in Ungwa Teke, Kakuri, Kaduna state.
  19. In partnership with New Hope Agency established and mentored children rights’ clubs in schools in Chikun and Kaduna south LGAs.