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Our Objectives

  1. To create social and economic rights awareness among rural dwellers
  2. To promote the economic and social welfare of vulnerable children in the society
  3. To promote the study of social and economic rights in our schools
  4. To create awareness about peace building & conflict resolution, governance, social and cultural rights and explore strategies for securing their realisation
  5. To promote the rights of disadvantaged population especially people living with disabilities.
  6. To promote empowerment for youth, girls, boys, adolescents, persons with disabilities, men and women.
  7. To build the capacity of youths, men and women to be socially fit and economically independent.
  8. To conduct and promote research, monitoring & evaluation, accountability and learning on rights related issues in Nigeria
  9. To practice rights-based approach in programming and integrate gender into programs and activities.
  10. To protect the rights of Nigerian citizens and create awareness on such rights
  11. To create awareness on civil and civic rights, mass literacy, environmental protection and conservation, good governance and economic empowerment.
  12. To partner, network and Collaborate with the government, other NGOs, CSOs, FBOs and other agencies to design/implement policies and programs that are women and children related.