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TAHSERI is blessed with highly resourceful trustees and technical advisory teams, which meets intermittently to determine and oversees various aspects of the organizational structures and functions as it were. We are delightful to introduce our lists of Trustees and Technical Advisory  hereunder:

List of Board of Trustees

  1. Wilfred K. Dafiel- Chairman
  2. Fr. Dr. Francis B. Tsan- Member
  3. Grace P. Dafiel Esq. – Secretary
  4. Itua J. Obaitua
  5. Laraba Dabiet
  6. Miss Maryann Obidike


List of Technical Advisors

  1. Joseph Itua Obaitua- PhD, MPH, MBBS- Technical Lead
  2. Henry Nwachukwu- M.Sc, MBA, B.Sc Computer Science and Accounting- Finance Advisor
  3. Laraba Dabiet -B.Sc Agriculture – Agriculture and Livelihood Advisor
  4. Christiana Daloeng –B.Ed- Education Advisor
  5. Grace P. Dafiel Esq.- PhD, LLM, BL, LLB, PGD Gender study- Protection and Gender Advisor
  6. Hephzibah N. Victor- B.Sc Economics, PGD Education- Education and HES Technical Advisor
  7. Wilfred K. Dafiel- B. Pharm- Health and Nutrition Advisor