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With the need to uplift and uphold the rights of the less privileged in the society, TAHSERI came into being to help achieve that. In furtherance of this need, a 5 year Strategic Plan was mooted and developed be a team of technical experts with inputs from the BOT and a crop of seasoned and dedicated staff of the organization. All this was achieved under the leadership of the Executive Director. The development of his Plan is to further promote the goals, mission, vision and values which the organization holds sacrosanct and dear in executing its activities that are gender sensitive, people oriented and community centered.
This Plan shall serve as a guide as well as a resource mobilization tool as it clearly outlines expected results to be achieved. An estimated N500,000,000.00 shall be required for the actualization of this Strategic Plan

TAHSERI Strategic Plan is a five-year strategic framework to guide the multi-sectoral operationalization of the objectives and strategies of the organization aimed at ensuring the empowerment for self-actualization of its target audience in the states of operations in Nigeria. The TAHSERI SP reviewed national documents on health, education, protection, environment and humanitarian interventions to the context of which is based on the understanding that investment in the poorest and most vulnerable population in Nigeria is a prerequisite towards achievement of not only the Vision but also many of the specific goals of NV20:2020 and the SDGs. The TAHSERI SP is built around Seven(7) major STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES, with focus on the critical priorities that must be addressed in order to ensure the achievement of the goals


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