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There is an ‘opportunity cost’ whenever we fail to seize an opportunity that is worth the investment of our valuable time and resources. When we fail to invest in the well-being and fundamental rights of Men, women, children and young people in need and at risk, the opportunity cost will become too high to bear. It is reckoned not just in Naira and Money foregone but in promising lives which will be terribly cut short or in vibrant bodies and minds that will diminish. This will further undermine the development and well-being of families, communities and nations.

In response, TAHSERI has provided both physical and psychological empowerment to women, men,children, adolescents and communities – especially the most disadvantaged – with opportunities to fulfill their vast potential.  These opportunities exist in the form of provision of health care services, Household Economic Strengthening, education, rights promotion, capacity building and the promotion of safe water and sanitation.We do this work because we also want our country Nigeria to benefit from the incredible opportunities offered by all stakeholder’s potentials and capabilities of tapping from ideas that would help in proffering solutions to the mirage of psychological, technological and environmental problems currently been encountered by the country. The work of the organization equally resulted in  guiding youthful energy and optimism to positive developments while fueling social and economic change in communities and the society at large

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